Monday, January 17, 2011

A Friend In Need is a Friend Indeed

We often host a birthday bash in November; some years it's a small group, other years we have a houseful. When we have numerous guests I remove our coats from the coat rack but it never occured to me to remove our shoes or boots. Coulda, woulda, shoulda.

The only winter boots we buy are Sorel brand after being somewhat disatisfied with Kamik boots. There was nothing wrong with them but they did not keep our tootsies as warm as the more expensive Sorels. Both lines have changed a great deal since the year of the party in question so that may no longer be true but at the time it was very relevant.

In any case, Lionel had a brand new pair of Sorel boots. They had been worn twice before the party. We had at least three dozen people in attendance and it was wonderful evening with good friends. Or so we thought.

The next day Lionel wanted to wear his Sorels. They were nowhere to be found. We did find a worn and ratty pair of Kamik boots in their place. We were very annoyed to find that the expensive boots had been stolen but far worse, that a friend, someone we invited into our home, had stolen them.


  1. That's awful!! Do you have any suspicions? Maybe you need to post a pic of the Kamiks on FB, somebody might have a clue! Who needs enemies with friends like that....

  2. That's so sad. :o(

  3. Yes, it was, Donna! We thought of each guest--and their shoe size--and really can't imagine who would do such a thing. It's not like we had party crashers, but it was a big group that year, 36 guests.

  4. Lisa, sad and irksome. Still bothers me after all this time. :-/

  5. So... Sorels are warm, eh? I wonder if they're -40C warm? I'm going to need to think about that. Maybe i'll wait until i get North of 60 and get something there. See what most people are wearing.

    And sorry for the loss & betrayal! :-( Yeah, i think that would continue to bother me for the long run too, for sure!

  6. Very warm, to varying degrees. Now that I've got mine, they've come out with some gorgeous new designs. Maybe before leaving you could research shops at your destination to learn what they stock and what customers prefer. If prices are better down south, then you could shop here.

    Yeah, so weird to think about it now. Time does heal!